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FRUGEO GEOGRAPHY RESEARCH INITIATIVE (Frugeo GRI or FGRI) is a friendly and down-to-earth Shrewsbury-based educational, researching, editorial, designing and publishing enterprise that specialises in Earth Sciences, Geography, Geology, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics and Fine Arts. It was established in Wolverhampton (England/UK) on the 20th November, 2011 by Laszlo Bokor. Frugeo GRI’s principal purpose is to deliver valuable and high quality services for everyone with specially tailored needs. It currently offers a wide range of expedient services focusing mainly on home tuition, personal education, research and survey, technical editing and design, and also publishing. Frugeo GRI operates internationally, but a few of its special services cover only the areas of North Shropshire and the West Midlands counties in England. 

From 2013, Frugeo also specialises in publishing georaphical, artsy materials and for this purpose it also operates as a publisher. Frugeo has its own serial publication called Geographical Locality Studies (ISSN 2052-0018; ISSN 2053-3667) which invites ambitious researchers to join the success of our projects and be an original and significant contribution to the human knowledge of Geography, Earth Sciences and also Environmental Sciences.

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Laszlo's blog

Frutex + Geography = Frugeo Laszlo's blog is the Frugeo's official blog which is hosted by Blogspot. The site is available by clicking here.  The blog was created by Laszlo...

Summer holiday breaks 2016

Please note that the Frugeo office is closed for a Summer holiday from the 8th to the 22nd August 2016, therefore during this period we are unable to fulfill any order....

Official Frugeo GRI mugs

Official Frugeo GRI mugs - two design Our brand new & home designed ceramic mugs are now available in: traditional white with the Original Frugeo logo £6.99/each traditional white with the Frugeo stamp...


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